Fiction Is Actually Stranger Than Kobe's Truth

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Further showcasing the almost impressive casual racism of the porn industry, a reader sends us the link to this very special porn film: Tobey Bryan's Backcourt Violation, from our classy friends at Hustler.

The plot, quoted directly from the Web site: "The Los Angeles Shaker's star player Tobey Bryan, is in trouble. Tobey Bryan's Backcourt Violation delves into the sordid life of a rich, powerful sports superstar who craves anal sex as much as he covets another championship ring. When you have a sneaker after you, women tend to be quite accomodating. Blowjobs, threesomes and gangbangs come as easy as a snap of the fingers. ... But our booty-banging hero learns that celebrity sex isn't all fun and games; when he sticks his dick in the wrong tramp all hell breaks loose."

We're disgusted, and we're wondering if this is where that whole Black Mamba thing came from.


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