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Catching up on Cotto vs. Mosley. Wow, that fight was actually better than I was led to believe. The first six rounds might have not produced knockdowns or blood but they were some of the most intensely competitive rounds I've seen in quite some time . It's not often that you get to see two fantastic champions get in the ring and throw bombs at each other while maintaining the technical supremacy that elevates them to the top of the sport. Each fighter absorbed punches that would put lesser men down with ease, yet neither was in true danger of hitting the canvas at any point. This won't be the fight of the year but it's certainly the most competitive bout I've seen. Cotto defended his title over Sugar Shane in a close, yet undisputed decision. Continue after the jump for recaps of all of last night's live action...

Soto can't touch Guzman. Undefeated Joan Guzman defeated Humberto Soto in a contest between two of the top contenders to challenge Manny Pacquiao's supremacy. The fight was never all that exciting, Guzman used his superior movement and hand speed to pepper his opponent with combinations before moving out of reach. Despite the presence of a new (and completely psychotic) trainer in Floyd Mayweather Sr. everything went according to plan. Just for the record, Guzman's camp is delusional if they think he can hang with Pacman.


Golden Boy's rising star. 21 year-old bantamweight contender Abner Mares has been labeled by some as the future of Oscar de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions and last night we saw an excellent preview of what's to come. Mares found himself in the toughest contest of his career against a relative unknown in the Damian Marchiano. The Argentine gave the dynamic young Mexican-American a lot to handle as well as a target to hit. Both men came out a bit battered but Mares threw incredibly sharp combinations throughout the fight leading to an easy decision in the fighter's first foray into the later rounds. I can see myself paying to watch Mares for years to come (assuming his division improves).

Golden Boy's other rising stars. Demetrius Hopkins and Rock Allen were not a part of the television card but both of the young junior welterweights won in impressive fashion. I'm always skeptical when it comes to guys named "Rock" but that guy definitely earned his moniker.

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