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Fight Night: Roy Jones Jr. Takes On A Different Sort Of White Meat

Apologies to Joe Calzaghe, the man opposing Jones tonight, who just happens to be lightweight champion of the world. In tonight's matchup, Calzaghe chases down the big bag of money that the cachet of Jones still brings into the ring. For Jones, he'll get another shot at a title. Tonight's fight is on HBO PPV, which sounds kinda redundant at first, but then you, it's still redundant.

What Joe Calzaghe must do to remain light heavyweight champion of the world...Calzaghe, simply, must be Joe Calzaghe. He has to let his hands go, keep his paws in Jones' face, and not allow Jones time to breathe. He's not going to knock Roy out, because he doesn't hit hard enough.[...] Jones is going to have to hurt Calzaghe to quiet his volume punching, and the question is whether or not the 39-year old Jones still has that type of pop. He was never a one-punch power guy, but in his glory days, his punches were so sudden, and came at such angles, and in such volume, that he was nearly unstoppable once he got on a roll. We've seen Calzaghe go down before, including against Hopkins. If Roy can land a loaded up counter shot, he can do it.


If recent history has taught us anything, it's that old people are still capable of doing good things. The word is that this will be a good fight, despite a weak undercard and the challenger being almost 40 years of age. If you were disappointed in the White Guy/Black Guy matchup earlier this week, consider tonight's fight a mulligan if it makes your feel better. Breaking down Calzaghe-Jones: What each man must do [Bad Left Hook]

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