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Final Hour For Deadspin Pants Party Pool

All right, kids, we're just more than an hour from the beginning of this whole NCAA tournament business — Who has Maryland-Davidson fever? We do, we do! — and this is pretty much your last chance to Join The Deadspin Pants Party tournament pool. As of this typing, there are 3,315 people in the pool, which, uh, is a lot. But we want more, because greed is a vice. Plus, it'll be that much more impressive if you actually win.

Anyway, so get in while you can, because the clock's ticking now. Can you beat John McCain? Bill Simmons' wife? OJ Simpson? We're sure you hadn't even thought yet about the possibility of filling out a bracket until this last minute, so, you know, you should try it, it's fun.


Join The Deadspin Pants Party Pool [ESPN Games]

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