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Final Proof (Mostly): The NHL Rigged The All-Star Vote

Eric McErlain told us last week, and now Slate, in an Investigative! Report!, confirms it: The Rory Fitzpatrick vote was rigged by the NHL, assuring that he would not make the All-Star Team.

It's been almost two years since a lockout almost ruined the sport. Now the league has baited, misled, and rejected its fans. The NHL has hit a new low. It's turned the All-Star Game—an event that's supposed to be about giving people what they want—into a repudiation of the game's most loyal supporters.

There are all kinds of facts and figures, even an interview with the guy who set of the voting robot that may have pushed the NHL into being forced to fudge the totals. The most amusing part of the story is when it's revealed that the NHL not only adjusted the final tallies, they did so in such an incompetent way that covering their tracks would have been impossible. Maybe we can't vote Rory Fitzpatrick into the All-Star Game, but we can always count on the NHL to be the NHL.


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