For today at least. And somehow we made it through with only 70% of you realizing I know nothing about college football. Your final HJP of the day is below.

"Just watched an ad for the mls on the notre dame channel. Guess their target audience is fans of bad football?" - MattIsATwitNow

"Am I the only person who was disappointed that Lou Holtz didn't shit his pants? It's a hope I have each and every Saturday in the fall. I leave disappointed everytime." - drscotter19

"why have I been watching college football when the CFL is on? Allez Alouettes! Alouette, je te plumerai" - twoeightnine

"Okie State uses flash cards to call their plays. Should have known" - davidatl44


"Jesse Palmer just did finger guns to describe "all cylinders firing." METAPHOR FAIL." - sportnspice

Perhaps he was was still reeling from the Marinovich pics?