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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Finally, An Advanced Stat To Measure Hockey Fighters

Illustration for article titled Finally, An Advanced Stat To Measure Hockey Fighters

The statistical revolution has officially arrived, upside your head.

If you're not familiar with Corsi, one of the most basic of hockey's advanced metrics (here's a good entry-level explainer), it's basically plus-minus, but for shots (including blocked and missed shots) instead of points. It seems a much more effective measure of possession.


Well, here's Punch Corsi. Instead of trying to determine who "wins" fights, Scott Lewis of Backhand Shelf has come up with a metric to determine the most effective fighters.

Punch Corsi Number = (Punches on Target For + Missed Punches For + Blocked Punches Against ) – (Punches on Target Against + Missed Punches Against + Blocked Punches For)


Edmonton's Mike Brown comes out tops among the most active fighters this season, with a Punch Corsi of 48, in eight fights. If the true measure of a stat is how easily it can be understood, Punch Corsi passes with flying colors: dance with Mike Brown, and you're going to get hit six times more than you're going to hit him.

Krys Barch comes in dead last, with a Punch Corsi number of -51 in six fights. This kind of makes sense, as Barch isn't the guy who challenges the other team's goon—he's the guy who hits someone semi-dirtily, then gets challenged.

[Backhand Shelf]

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