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Finally, NFL Coaches Showing Some Class Out There

Of all the long-extinct traditions we miss about the NFL, the practice of coaches wearing suits on the sidelines might be our most lamented. It made the game seem more epic, as if these were truly generals commanding men on the field of battle, if generals wore plaid ties and wore fedoras. It classed up the game, made if feel as if it were run by gentlemen, and we were frustrated and confused when the NFL refused 49ers coach Mike Nolan's request last year to wear a suit rather than the traditional (and ridiculous) windbreaker or parka.

Well, the NFL, bless 'em, has finally listened to reason and has authorized Nolan and Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio to wear suits this weekend. The suits, of course, are designed by Reebok — the NFL isn't about to mess with its licensing deals because a couple coaches got all uppity — but for the first time since 1993, coaches are going to be wearing something other than an outfit assigned to them by the league.


Now, if we can do something about forcing baseball managers not to squeeze themselves into actual uniforms, we'll be making real progress.

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