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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Apparently Croatian football star Dino Drpic had sex with his wife — Playboy model Nives Celsius — on a soccer field. And that's a firing offense, I guess. [Austrian Times]

I Want To Be Like Jeff. Michael Jordan's son, Jeff Jordan, who initially made the team as a walk-on, has earned a scholarship position on the Universiy of Illinois basketball team. [Rush The Court]


Leave Eli Manning Alone! He's A Person! Distraught New York Giants fan receives intervention, still can't come to grips with reality. "This team is my life! This team is why I live! It should have been us in the Super Bowl! (sob!)." [YouTube]

Sean Salisbury Takes On PETA. That Seems Wise. Sean Salisbury loves his two dogs ... but not as much as he loves Michael Vick! [Open Sports]

Could This Be The Greatest Wrestling Move Of All Time? Um, probably not. But it did make me dizzy. [Fandome]

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