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Sorry about the headline, I just felt left out. Everyone else is chanting it or holding a sign. I wanted to join the parade.

A Detroit radio station organized a Fire Millen March today, with fans marching five blocks from a local bar to Ford Field for the Bengals/Lions game today. And just in case anyone was unconvinced of their point, the Lions are currently reinforcing it by losing 24-7 to the Bengals in the 2nd quarter.


Somehow, this slipped by me, but Rasheed Wallace joined in a "Fire Millen" chant that took place at a Pistons game this week. That seems like a very Rasheed thing to do. If they lose out, I just wonder if we'll see it written on his shoes at some point.

There was also a Chad Johnson TD in the game, though I must confess I missed it. I haven't seen a replay of it, either, but CliffX made a comment about it here. Sounds very decent.

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