First Video Of Mike And Mike Roast Surfaces

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Unfortunately, we don’t have the Dana Jacobson video yet, but the first little smidgen of footage from the Mike And Mike Roast has hit the Internets.

We will confess that the phrase “lamer than Ditka’s cock” is pretty funny; we do like us some Jeffrey Ross. But nothing yet from the Jacobson camp yet; we imagine that video being locked away somewhere deep in the bowels of Bristol HQ. A tipster who was there gives us a slight rundown, however:

. try THIS on for size....among her drunken statements made from the dais....(with Charlie Weis in attendance)....

“f... Notre dame”

“f....touchdown Jesus”

and - the step-aside-because-lightning-is-about-to-strike... “f.... Jesus.”

Supposedly a long letter of apology to Coach 3-8 has been dispatched.

She had no recollection who ushered her out of harm’s sway.

Little sympathy for this devil among the troops.

The delicate sensibilities of Charlie Weis must be protected.