Walmart today is offering just about the cheapest entry point into the Fitbit ecosystem that we've ever seen. Just buy a Fitbit Zip for $60, and you'll get a $20 Walmart card for free. The Zip has been around awhile, and Gizmodo's main beef with it, the Fitbit app, has improved considerably since then. [Fitbit Zip + $20 Gift Card, $60]

If you can't abide the green model, Amazon has a the charcoal version for $47, and other colors for a few bucks more. [Fitbit Zip Charcoal, $47]

We've all dropped nails and screws into hard to reach places before, but this lighted magnetic pick-up tool will make it easy to retrieve them. At $6, why not? [Lighted Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, $6]

If you're due for a new phone, Verizon is currently taking $100 any $200+ smartphone with a two year agreement. That includes the iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5, and HTC One. [Verizon]

They might not keep the bad dreams away, but these motion-sensing night lights will at least keep you from bumping into things when you stumble out of bed. At $6 each, or three for $17, it's a no-brainer. [Motion Sensing Night Light, $6 each, or $17 for 3]

If you've been waiting for a good iPad Mini with Retina deal, this one is actually pretty solid. $430 gets you a 32GB model, which is the one most people should buy anyway. That's $70 off retail, and notable because most iPad deals tend to only be for the 16GB models. [iPad Mini with Retina Display 32GB, $430]

With two ports and 12,000mAh of juice, this could be the only external charger you need. [12,000mAh External Charger, $16]

This wireless headset has solid reviews, connects via Bluetooth low energy, and can connect to two phones at the same time. [Mpow FreeGo Bluetooth Headset, $24 with Promo Code BT40FRGO]

If you do any of your own electrical work, a good multimeter is a must. Here's on from Sears for only $25. [Craftsman Multimeter with NCV Tester, $25]

Even searching for deals every day, you just don't see Bluetooth headphones for $20 very often. I admit, I had never heard of these before today, but they have a solid 4 star average on over 4,000 reviews. [Kinivo Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, $20]





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