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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We've been highlighting and soliciting videos of the worst golf swings you've ever seen (Charles Barkley is still in the lead) and you people haven't disappointed. Here are five more nominations. Please keep them coming.


Our first one is from reader Eric, "I was randomly paired with this guy about a year ago. Every swing of the day was like this...driver, short irons, all of it. The longest backswing I timed was a shade under seven seconds. Torture." Agreed: torture.

How is it even possible for a human being to learn to swing a golf club like this? (Thanks to Will)

Happy Gilmore in the flesh? I wouldn't say this one is so much a horrible swing, as this guy doing what we've all dreamed of trying. (Thanks to Uzair)

From reader Rueb, "This is my buddy Tim. His grip is totally ridiculous. Watch the top hand, then watch it on the take away. It complete breaks, which closes the club completely. We have no idea how he makes contact. On the first swing in the video, he nearly hit me. The second one, he hit it about 70 yards down the fairway on the ground. Best part is he doesn't care. He has fun on the course and even with us busting his balls, laughs along, then gets pissed when he misses a five-footer for 8."

Par 3, 125 yards. After Jason tees off, it's still 125 yards to go, and that par looks a little less likely. (Thanks to Brian)

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