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Five Tiny Tidbits On: The Charlotte Bobcats

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It's hard to believe, but the NBA season is just around the corner. So come with us now as we present five tiny tidbits on each team, just to get you in the mood. Today we continue with the Southeast Division, so do us a favor and send your tips to

1. A Cat Named Bob. Up close it looks like a big kitty ... which can gnaw off your foot. But the Bobcats originally were to be named the Flight; at least that's the nickname the fans voted for when the Charlotte Hornets left town in 2002. Also, their owner is "A cat named Bob" ... Robert L. Johnson.

2. "You Have To Look Ahead Or You Are Lost". W lter Herrmann, who is of German descent but was born in Argentina, led the Argentines to gold in the Athens Olympics. He lost his mother, sister and girlfriend in a car accident in 2003. Exactly one year later, his father died of a heart attack.


3. Fear The Mustache. Adam Morrison likes Rage Against the Machine, X-Raided and Metallica, is friends with J.J. Redick, had posters of Che Guevara and Larry Bird on his wall at Gonzaga and always eats steak and baked potatoes two hours and 15 minutes before a game. Oh, and he cries like a little bitch when there's still time left in the game and his team has the ball.

4. Swat Team. Gerald Wallace averaged 2.19 blocks and 2.44 steals per game last season, making him only the third player in NBA history (those stats have only been kept since 1973) to average 2.0 or more in a season in each category.(David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon).

5. Catch This. Kevin Burleson is the older brother of Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Nate Burleson. Tale of the tape: Kevin Burleson, 6-foot-3, 205. Nate Burleson, 6-0, 192.

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