Five Tiny Tidbits On: The Orlando Magic

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It's hard to believe, but the NBA season is just around the corner. So come with us now as we present five tiny tidbits on each team, just to get you in the mood. Today we continue with the Southeast Division, so do us a favor and send your tips to


1. I'll Have The Royale With Cheese. Hidayet T rko lu, the first Turkish-born player in NBA history, has a Burger King menu named after him in Turkey, called Hido Menu.

2. Always With Him In Spirit. Trevor Ariza, who played one year at UCLA before enterting the NBA draft, suffered tragedy 10 years ago when his younger brother Tajh, 6, fell out of a hotel window 30 stories to his death.

3. What About The Popped Collar? In addition to unsuccesfully attempting to avoid DUI checkpoints, other lesser-known facts about J.J. Redick are: He got his nickname as a toddler because his twin sisters each repeated his original nickname of "J"; He as tattoos of Bible verses, including "Isaiah 40:31" and "Joshua 1:9" along with the Japanese word for courage; His younger brother, David, will will play football for Marshall University next season; majored in history and minored in cultural anthropology at Duke; got middle name of Clay because his father is a stoneware potter.

4. Well That's Very ... Wha ... Handball? It's Christmas at the Diener house, and once again everyone is getting basketballs. Travis Diener's high school basketball coach was his uncle Dick Diener, his sister Brittney plays basketball for Lewis University, his sister Rachel plays basketball for Saint Louis University, a cousin, Drake, played basketball for DePaul and currently plays professionally for Castelletto Ticino in Italy, another cousin, Drew, played basketball for Saint Louis and is currently the director of baskeball operations at the University of Virginia, and cousin Derek played basketball and handball at West Point.

5. Blessed Be The Playmakers. Dwight Howard is a devout Christian who drew attention when he talked about a dream he had in which the Christian cross was added to the NBA logo.