Florida Man Joins Too Many Other Florida People at Florida St. Football Game in Obviously Too Crowded Stadium

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There’s more red than there should be in this image.
There’s more red than there should be in this image.
Screenshot: ABC-TV

Yes, college football is back, and so are fans packing the stands… Or at least in the Sunshine State.

Would we expect anything different?

As Florida State experienced a rain delay against Georgia Tech, you wouldn’t be able to tell because the stadium visibly was over 50 percent full — well over the 20-25 percent limit they announced would be a game-day crowd this season.


It’s a global pandemic going on, but what the heck… people need their college football, right?


Florida’s COVID-19 daily average of new positive cases is well over 3,000, significantly lower than their upward trend earlier this summer. However, they still are one of the most infected states in the country.

But who knows if that is even true because their Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this summer asked for the Department of Health to hide the accurate count of cases and fatalities.

DeSantis has been influencing the skewing of the data for months, so the state has never had an accurate count of positive cases, making the situation in Tallahassee even more frightening.

Just this week, the local school districts are feuding with state government officials on how or if they can release COVID-19 positive cases and information to parents.


On top of that story, Florida State reported that 700 additional students tested positive on their campus this week with a 7.32 percent positive rate. This was the highest total case jump in a week.

And it’s higher than the five percent positive rate average in the U.S. last week.


Walking into a stadium knowing that information, on top of the over 195,000 American deaths at the hands of this virus, how could you be comfortable cheering the stands?

I get that people want sports, but at what cost?

Especially when it’s out in the open that many people are increasingly coming up with heart inflammation, lung damage, and blood clots that are being spotted months after victims are being deemed as recovered?


Young or old, asymptomatic or severe, if you catch this virus, no one is immune from harm it continues to inflict, so why are they taking a chance on it?

I guess we can just drum it up to Florida being Florida.

People need to sit with themselves to hash out exactly why they feel their life or someone else’s is less important than a football game.