Florida, Ohio State In The Final Four. Again.

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Yep, a double take on that headline over here too. Following a Gator victory over Arizona State, and a Buckeye win over Dayton, these two proud programs are back in the Championship picture, albeit of the NIT. Come April 1, if Ohio State can beat Ole Miss and Florida does the same to UMass, we may see the first-ever rematch of an NCAA championship game in the next season's NIT.


I've long wondered if it's better for a top program to win the NIT or to bow out in the early rounds. As when West Virginia won last year, it often gives a whiff of overcompensation - like the guy who sets picks and commits hard fouls in a game for charity. But there's no doubt that I'm rooting hard for this final to happen. The comedy potential is just too great. (Ed. Note: Stuff like this always makes us afraid there are cosmic forces at work, and it freaks us. This game should be broadcast by John Locke from "Lost.")

Hat tip: [The Meaningful Collateral]