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Florida quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg—yes, son of Marty—and a teammate fought each other Monday night at Florida's stadium, allegedly over a pair of cleats. Things got stupid and nasty enough that the cops had to be called.

Mornhinweg initially confronted defensive lineman Gerald Willis about a pair of missing cleats, which he'd found in Willis's locker. Then shit popped off. An excerpt from the police report, via Only Gators:

Willis told me he was eating his dinner sitting on one of the concrete barriers outside of the stadium near the entrance to the Heavener Complex. Willis told me he was approached by William Skyler Mornhinweg. Mornhinweg stood over him and asked him about a pair of cleats. Mornhinweg told Willis he had been looking for a pair of cleats for about a week with #17 on the back of them. Mornhinweg told Willis he located the cleats inside his (Willis') locker. Willis told me he grabbed a pair of cleats the other day in the locker room. Willis was in fear of being late to practice and couldn't locate his cleats. Willis told me he grabbed the nearest pair to him.

Willis told me words were exchanged between him and Mornhinweg. Willis felt threatened by Mornhinweg standing over him like he was. Willis stood up; he and Mornhinweg were in each others face. Willis pushed Mornhinweg and then Mornhinweg struck Willis on the chin with a closed fist. Willis then struck Mornhinweg in the mouth. Willis had a small patch of hair on his chin. Willis pulled the hair to the side and I could see a small cut. Willis did not need medical attention.


Both players declined to press charges.

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Photo: AP

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