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I'm ashamed to admit I've been following the tribulations of Percy Harvin and his heel way too closely. Hoping against hope that he'd be too dinged up early in the season to play against my Vols. Up until recently the enigmatic health situation of Harvin seemed promising, maybe he would be slowed after all. Unfortunately those dreams have not come to fruition. In fact, today they dried up like a raisin in the sun: Percy Harvin is ready to go for the game this weekend. Worst of all, he feels "100 times better" than he has at any point in his football career. Harvin told the AP: “Coach just came to me and said he’s ready to cut me loose." (Insert multiple curses here.) This is an ominous sign for the rest of the teams on the Gators' schedule. Thus far in two Gator games Harvin has caught one pass for 12 yards and run five times for 27 yards. After being touted as a Heisman candidate by his own Heisman-winning teammate, Tim Tebow, Harvin was eased back into the offense. Which might be one reason why the Gators looked so tentative on offense against Miami. Now he's healthier than he's been since 10th grade. Since Florida and Tennessee play so early in the season both teams try and disguise what they're actually going to do on offense and defense in their opening games. It's one of many reasons why fans hate each other, we have no clue what to expect. This disguise reared its head most prominently when Tennessee saved their prowler defensive package until the final game of the regular season in 2001. Just to break it out in time for Florida. Now Percy Harvin, "a hell of a toy" in Urban Meyer's world, is poised to spring forth, fully healed from his April surgery. In the meantime, Harvin, as evidenced by the above photo, has managed to make muscles where muscles don't even seem capable of growing. (His cheek bone muscles are ripped. What?) This means Florida's offense is going to look completely different than it has so far. Hopefully it won't get as bad as last season when Harvin ran 9 times for 75 yards and caught 4 passes for 120 yards. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it might be worse. Especially if UT's mustang package rears its ugly head. Gators' Percy Harvin healthy, ready to cut loose [Ocala Star-Banner]


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