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Floyd Mayweather Bet $100,000 On The Warriors Last Night, According To Jarrett Jack's Postgame Interview

The post-game interview that CSN's Jim Barnett conducted with Jarrett Jack was dragging on a little. The Warriors had just won a close one on Miami's home floor on a game-winner by Draymond Green, assisted by Jack himself, and he probably wanted to get into the locker room. Nevertheless, he stood there, dutifully doing the Q&A for more than three minutes and answering a whole bunch of "talk about this" questions. Then Barnett said, "The basket must have looked huge to you tonight," to which the only answer is "yes, it did" or "I just want to thank God and my teammates." Instead, Jack replied:

"Floyd Mayweather put a little bug in my ear, told me he put a little bet on us. Floyd is no stranger to the casino, said he put $100,000 on us."


Noted. Floyd Mayweather is indeed a prodigious and frequent sports bettor, so we don't doubt he had 100K riding on the game, but Barnett probably had the right idea when he shut it down immediately with an uncomfortable laugh and said, "Don't talk about that." When Floyd put the bug in Jack's ear isn't clear—nor is it clear what that means—but one has to assume it was before the game, and not in the time between the game-winner and the on-court interview—though, Mayweather was definitely present, so it's possible that he celebrated by immediately telling the Warriors how much money they'd just won him. Either way, we know a couple things for sure: Floyd Mayweather has way too much money, and Jarrett Jack will soon be the reciepient of a sternly-worded note from the NBA.

Video of the exchange below (and of the whole interview over here):


h/t Timmy

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