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Floyd Mayweather Knows How To Promote Fights To Heterosexuals

We're a couple of weeks away from Floyd Mayweather-Ricky Hatton fight, and, you know, it should be a good, as far as boxing goes these days. And the fight is no longer lacking the appropriate amount of hype. Why? Because Floyd Mayweather's war of words begins with anal rape.

Mayweather is definitely taking trash talk to a new, odder level.

he Pretty Boy got the party started with this comment to Ricky Hatton: "I wish I was in prison with you. I'd make you my bitch."

Sticking with the prison theme, Hatton says Mayweather wanted to get OZ close and personal with him: "What Floyd doesn't know is that I don't get insulted. But he was very offensive. He told me he wanted to buttfuck me."


Well then. We're not sure how much we want to watch that Mayweather/Hatton 24/7 show now. It's not like "Cathouse," is it? We hope not.

Floyd Mayweather Wants To Pound Ricky Hatton [You Been Blinded]

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