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Floyd Mayweather Sued By Ex-Fiancée He Accused Of "Killing Babies"

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Floyd Mayweather is being sued by ex-fiancée Shantel Jackson. You'll remember her as the woman whose old sonogram Mayweather posted on Facebook, claiming he broke up with her because she got an abortion. "And I'm totally against killing babies," he wrote.

The civil suit was filed today in Los Angeles. Full copies of the filing weren't available, but details released by Jackson's lawyer, Gloria Allred, portray Mayweather as a controlling, aggressive partner who assaulted Jackson multiple times. When he saw a picture of her with another man, according to Allred's summary, he tried to destroy her reputation.

Much of Mayweather's attack on Jackson was detailed by IronMikeGallego in his detailing of the boxer's extensive history of violence against women. In Jackson's case, he wrote:

After a multi-year relationship, the couple split in late 2013, allegedly when Jackson got fed up with Mayweather's rampant infidelity. After the split, Mayweather made a display of humiliating his former fiancée. He posted unflattering home pictures online. He claimed to have paid for Jackson's plastic surgery and mockingly claimed he wanted his money back because "I'm an Indian Giver." He made a public spectacle of taking back the gifts he'd given her, from a Hermès handbag to extravagant jewelry, and sneered at her supposed financial difficulties. He even took down Jackson's Instagram page, which he had helped to set up. Jackson replied by creating a new page and explaining that the old one "got erased by a jealous person who spent money to get it done. All because I said NO."

The crescendo, however, came after Jackson was reported to be dating rapper Nelly. Mayweather blew his top. Unable to lash out physically at Jackson, he (or someone working at his instruction) lashed out as violently as he could online; taking to Facebook and posting a sonogram image of what he claimed were two fetuses that Jackson had aborted. "The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion," Floyd raged, "and I'm totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies." He quickly deleted the post, but then seemed to stand by his statements in subsequent radio interviews. In a lifetime of increasingly repulsive behavior, Floyd Mayweather seemed to have finally reached his ceiling.


One thing Allred's summary points: The pregnancy terminated in January. Mayweather was told about it and even tried getting back with her. He posted the sonogram pictures in May, five months later, after he saw the picture with Nelly.

The suit includes 11 allegations, including invasion of privacy, battery, assault, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional stress.

To read IronMikeGallego's full account of Mayweather's history of misogyny, click here.


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