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In 2012, Floyd Mayweather Jr. served 60 days in the Clark County (Nev.) Detention Center after pleading guilty to domestic violence charges. Today at Sports on Earth, Geoffrey Gray has obtained documents, letters, and records that shed light on Mayweather's jail stint. The takeaway? Floyd eats like shit.

According to the facility's internal reports, Mayweather refused to eat the meals he was brought daily, instead subsisting mostly on snacks purchased from the jail commissary. Specifically, "Chili Cheese Fritos, candy bars, packets of chicken ramen noodles and 'kippered beef,' a kind of beef jerky."


Mayweather's stay was mostly drama-free. He complained about being kept in his cell 23 hours a day (protective custody, because of his celebrity); he was written up for hoarding pillowcases and bedsheets; he paid $500 to another inmate to trade free-time privileges.

There was one controversy, when Mayweather received punishment for intimidating a guard:

On July 12, more than a month after he entered the facility, an issue arose when an officer discovered Mayweather had been given two hours of free time instead of one. The officer, named in the reports only as "Snowden," was discussing the matter with another officer, when Mayweather started to "yell out his cell as he butted into our conversation," Snowden wrote.

Snowden then recounted walking over to Mayweather's cell to speak with him. "He looked me in the eye and he told me that when he gets out of jail, he won't forget me," Snowden reported. To the officer, Mayweather's remark sounded like a threat. "I didn't say I was going to hurt you, did I?" Mayweather then said, according to the report. "Without that badge, you aren't tough. It would be different between us if you didn't have that badge on." Mayweather went on to tell the officer that he had police officers that worked for him as employees, and allegedly said to Snowden: "You're a pussy."

In response, Snowden took away Mayweather's hour of free time for a day. In his report, Snowden wrote that his rationale for the penalty was "for borderline threatening me and for being verbally abusive." In response, "[Mayweather] then told me I had a black heart," Snowden reported.


Go read the full story plus all the documents, including Mayweather's letters from jail.


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