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Claude Giroux had to have sudden surgery on his right index finger yesterday in Ottawa. The GM of the Flyers said it's going to take him five to six weeks to recover, though Giroux told the Philadelphia Daily News he should be good to go much sooner. So what happened?

Giroux described the injury as "just a freak thing." He said he was out playing golf with teammate Jason Akeson when his club shattered in his hands. He said the club broke because he struck the ground just behind the ball, and his hand was cut because he continued to follow through. There was blood everywhere. No bones were broken, but Giroux did say he damaged his extensor tendons. Even a six-week timetable for his return would mean he'd be back in the lineup in time for the Flyers' final preseason game in late September. Which means it's not a big deal.


I'm also sure it's nothing that the captain of a team that last won the Stanley Cup in 1975 got hurt playing golf.

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