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Some Flyers and Devils fans got into it after last night's game, and somebody was good enough to record it. Later, an uglier situation developed back in Philadelphia where a brawl led to a stabbing.

Philly fans aren't necessarily as bad as the reputation that precedes them, however stories like this certainly don't help.

As for the stabbing, this is the story told to the 700 Level.

When we got back to the The Arena bowling alley in the Northeast, there were cop cars everywhere and a big brawl taking place. These were all Flyers fans fighting. I don't know why. I guess drinking all day had something to do with it? Anyway, some guy comes walking by with his buddy screaming, "Call an ambulance!" He had been stabbed and his intestines were literally hanging out! There was blood everywhere. We were just a little freaked out and didn't want to be stabbed so we left.


Well hopefully there's some exaggeration in that description, regardless, it doesn't paint a pretty picture of fans who should have been celebrating a win over a rival.

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