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Flyers Fans Set Fake World Record For Watching Paint Dry

Yesterday, the Flyers painted the ice at the Wells Fargo Center. And they invited their fans to "help us set a new Guinness Book of World Records for the most people to simultaneously watch paint dry." Literally almost hundreds of people showed up.

The official attendance, according to a spokesperson, was 195. In case you weren't among them, relive the excitement:


So. About that "Guinness World Record" business. According to, "the Flyers created this [record] themselves; the record for most people to simultaneously watch paint dry does not exist."

When asked if they had set the record, a publicist said they would be submitting it to Guinness. Which is not how it works—a Guinness representative has to be present before it can be made "official."

So congratulations, you 195 unemployed Philadelphians. You found a way to kill a few more hours on your way to death.

[photo via Sarah Baicker]

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