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FMK: Ichiro, Werth, Strawberry

I've fielded kyuu or juu tips-emails about this video of Blossoming Young Lady Giddying Up After Ichiro Elbows Her Face, Caresses Her Outer Thigh.

In one respect, I understand how this serves as counterpoint to the Jayson Werth Yelled At Daddy! incident. (Side note on that one: Daddy wasn't wearing a glove. I apologize for any inconvenience my faulty memory caused you and yours yesterday.) Yet, I wonder whether a collective gasp/guffaw over a schoolgirl's reaction to the type of shiver caused only by a strong Asian hand is a harbinger of brewing Japanese/American animosity. (Take note of her ginger friend's reaction blending embarrassment with a sense that she finally has something to hold over the pal to whom the junior-high boys already pay much more attention.)


Anyway, here's some highlights-show jockey harnessing his inner lil lady ...

Click to view

As for me? F: Strawberry. M: Strawberry. K: Ichiro and Werth. Because that's what Darryl told me to say.

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