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"Football! Go Steelers! Weeee!"

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Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer has been having a grand time this week showing pictures of borderline insane sports fans and the lengths they will go to support their team; our personal favorites are the guy with all the Steelers tattoos and the Seahawks fan who calls himself "Cannonball."

But, honestly, nobody can beat Steelers fans at this, save for maybe Raiders fans, who aren't afraid to impale their skull on something if it will fire up Kerry Collins. We've been playing around on KDKA Pittsburgh's photo gallery of crazed fans, and without a doubt, this kid here is our favorite. We are absolutely certain this kid stole our favorite Optimus Prime figurine about 20 years ago.

Though we have a sneaking suspicion that he not only doesn't like the Steelers, he doesn't even understand football that much. He just has a dad who just had to show up that dickweed John Kirk down the street. Somebody call social services.


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