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James Robinson is a four-star wide receiver prospect from Lakeland, Florida who until very recently seemed close to signing with Ohio State. That changed after he was cited for weed during a visit to the university, and tweeted this a few days later when the news broke:

Screencap via Gridiron Now

Around the same time as that thought about the Ohio State team’s proclivity for drugs, Robinson defended himself and retweeted supportive messages from fans. A sampling:

Robinson’s specific qualm seems to be about the use of the world “arrest.” The Washington Post looked through Franklin County Municipal Court records and found that Robinson had been cited in Ohio for possession of marijuana on Jan. 21. The small amount of weed allegedly found on him meant the offense only amounted to a citation that will not show up on his criminal record. Robinson was also fined $93.

Later that day, Robinson returned to his timeline with a cooler head:

Robinson had planned to make his college announcement today on National Signing Day, but then said that he was going to delay his decision, probably because of the schools that rescinded their offers to him. Luckily, there would be a happy ending. While college football is dumb about everything and especially dumb about drugs, they aren’t that stupid, either. Florida, believe it or not, doesn’t have too much of a problem with a kid smoking some weed at a college party and has swooped in to sign Robinson up:

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