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For A Brief Moment, The College Football World Was Turned On Its Head

Our thanks to all 8,358 of you who sent in this screengrab (click to enlarge), which depicts Bruce Feldman, ESPN The Magazine's college football savant, fearlessly forecasting the Florida Atlantic Owls into the national title game.

You will be shocked to learn that it turns out to have been a typo, since corrected. (Hey, ESPN. While you're at it, how about you fix this mistake, too?) Feldman meant Florida. Florida Atlantic, you see, is a mediocre Sun Belt team that limped to .500 last year and does not feature the Eyeblack Apostle under center. For a few blessed minutes, however, we could dream of a world in which Thom Brennaman would be unable to recite sonnets to Tim Tebow on national television. It is a world I would like very much to live in.

Screengrab courtesy reader John


Bowl Projection [ESPN]


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