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Soon, you'll have a chance to bid on the saddle that was used to ride Barbaro in the Kentucky Derby. It's being auctioned off at the Mint Jubilee Gala (I wonder what they serve at those things) the night before the next Kentucky Derby.

Fortunately for interested bidders, the item still smells of jockey crotch and horse sweat. Imagine how wonderful that would be in your living room.


Proceeds from the sale are going to the Permanently Disabaled Jockeys Fund, which benefits, as you may have guessed, permanently disabled jockeys. That's fine, I suppose, but I'd rather see the money go to something a little more worthwhile... like dead horse-resuscitation research, horse leg transplant research, or just a 900-foot gigantic bronze statue of Barbaro to replace the Statue of Liberty.

Barbaro's Derby saddle being sold [FOX Sports]

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