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For Sale: Native-Made Washington "Foreskins" Logo

Members of the Native American comedy troupe the 1491s were not able to make it to Zuni, New Mexico for the No-Drunks-Allowed Native American Craft Fair, Sponsored By The Washington Redskins today, so they asked for a little help getting the word out on their contribution. It's lovely; I would buy this in shirt form. Hopefully Dan Snyder wants to proudly display the support of real, live Native Americans with a tasteful uncircumcised-penis logo, too.

You can read about the event below in our original post, but the Cliff's Notes version is: Snyder's OAF organization went to Zuni today from 12-5 p.m. for a craft fair with designs on buying favor from Natives and reprieve from public outcry. They would buy Native art, but "preference" would be given to art that featured the Washington logo and team colors. The governor's office also asked that anyone participating not show up drunk and/or stoned. It sounds like the kind of event organized by an uncircumcised penis.


As far as we can tell, this covers all the bases. It was made by Native Americans, it features Washington's logo and colors, and they were not drunk in the presence of Dan Snyder.


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