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For Those Who Can Handle Sports Radio

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As we believe we've mentioned before, we don't listen to sports radio. We feel like we spend enough time around sports pontificators as is; we really don't need funny noises and people with names like "The Fat Guy" or "Dr. RJ Frank Dawg" screaming into microphones to make our sports fan experience more profound.

That said, we don't drive a car; if we drove a car, we bet we'd be listening to (and being annoyed by) sports radio all the time. The folks at Boston Sports Media have been listening to a ton of sports radio and have put together a list of dos and don'ts toward being a better sports radio caller.

Compliment the hosts when you get on the air, even if you're loathe to do so. Say you're enjoying the show and that they're doing a great job, etc. Then, get into the topic you wish to discuss. When they try to distract you, keep your cool. Don't raise your voice too much; don't get agitated. Above all, don't insult them — that's the quickest way to get hung up on, which will then result in the hosts declaring victory while at the same time pretending you said something awful: "You can't say that on the radio, caller, you just can't." Remember they have the power of the seven-second delay. If they jump in and interrupt you, patiently wait and begin your point again, though you may need to rephrase it slightly.


Ugh. Yeah, we'd suggest just not calling into talk radio at all, actually.

How To Be A Better Sports Radio Caller [Boston Sports Media]

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