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For Those Who Can't Handle The Sheer Intensity Of Cards On TV

There was this couple-of-month stretch when poker on TV was actually sort of cool, right before the world discovered the ancient game of Bejeweled. But now poker needs a renaissance. It needs a voice. It needs — you guessed it — radio coverage.

World Series of Poker Radio can now be heard on more than 200 stations, which is great news for all those people who are as embarrassed to admit their poker fetish as much as they are to confess they know all the words to "At Seventeen" and sing it loudly while driving to work whenever I hear it on the radio. Erm, when they hear it on the radio.


If they do some play-by-play poker — and sweet bountiful Ra, I hope they do — it might sound a little bland at first. But they can always spice up the action with some Orson Welles-inspired plotlines.

"Moneymaker calls. Hellmuth and Moneymaker stare blankly at each other. And the river card is ... the six of spades. Hellmuth and Moneymaker stare blankly at each other. Hellmuth looks to be doing some kind of nervous tic with his chips. Is he going to bet? No ... no, not yet. Now he— oh my GOD, THE ZOMBIE OF STU UNGAR IS EATING THE SKULL OF DANIEL NEGREANU! ISN'T THERE ANYONE ON THE AIR?"

World Series of Poker® Available To More Than 200 Stations [WSoP]

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