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The Hugh Johnson Project, electricity willing, is alive and kicking today. The AOL Instant Messenger name for your brilliant and witty college football observations is "DeadspinFootball." And please don't forget to let me know how you want to be credited (your name, your site, a link, etc).

College Football:

12:00, ABC. Penn State @ Wisconsin or Missouri @ Nebraska.
12:00, ESPN2. Maryland @ Clemson.
12:00, FSN. Baylor @ Texas Tech.
12:00, ESPNU. Ball State @ Michigan.
12:00, CSTV. UMass @ New Hampshire.
2:30, NBC. North Carolina @ Notre Dame.
3:00, Vs. TCU @ UNLV.
3:30, CBS. LSU @ Tennessee.
3:30, ESPN2. Ohio State @ Illinois.
3:30, TBS. Washington @ Oregon.
3:30, FSN. Kansas State @ Colorado.
3:30, CSTV. Tulsa @ Houston.
3:30, ESPNU. Purdue @ Michigan State.
7:00, FSN. USC @ Stanford.
7:00, ESPNU. Georgia Tech @ North Carolina State.
7:00, ESPN2. Boston College @ Wake Forest.
7:30, CSTV. Tulane @ Marshall.
7:45, ESPN. Arkansas @ South Carolina.
8:00, ABC. UCLA @ Cal or Virginia Tech @ Miami (Fla) or Oklahoma @ Texas A&M.

Other Stuff:

12:00, ESPN. Horse Racing. Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championship. All damn day. Enjoy Hank Goldberg.
12:00, ESPN Classic. 2006 Dexter Tournament of Champions. To me, "Dexter" doesn't imply the same level of athleticism as would, say, Nike or Reebok.
12:00, Fox Soccer. Newcastle United vs. Sheffield United. So much better than last week's Newcastle Disjointed vs. Sheffield Disjointed match.
2:00, TNT. NASCAR. Busch Series, O'Reilly Challenge. From Bob Knight's sweater to the Busch Series races... O'Reilly sponsors the cool stuff.
2:00, Speed. Le Mans Endurance Series: Nurburgring. I don't have any idea what this is, but I'm not passing up a chance to watch people nurburgr.
2:00, CBS. Ultimate Blackjack Tour. You always double down on 11, baby.
3:30, ABC. PGA Golf. The Tour Championship, Third Round.