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There's no sugarcoating it for you... other than the NFL, there is nothing appealing on the sports landscape for you today. You might be able to find some ice dancing or some exhibition golf, but... I don't know that that's enough to justify putting a viewing schedule for you here today. Instead, here's your NFL scoreboard, and let's just talk about the latest reason that Jeff Van Gundy has to kill himself.

With Tracy McGrady already on the shelf, the Rockets are now looking at playing a major part of their season without Yao Ming, too. Yao suffered a fracture of his right tibial plateau when Tim Thomas gave him the Kimo von Oelhoffen treatment last night.

The injury will keep him out for at least six weeks. Yao had been playing at an MVP-type level, even without McGrady, who has missed the last seven games with back spasms. Courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau, the Rockets are 83-44 with McGrady and Yao in the lineup, and just 1-8 with neither of them playing.

'Tis a damn shame. Yao was playing the best basketball of his life, arguably the best basketball in the league, and he was cursing out Chris Kaman, to boot. What more can you ask from a player?


So enjoy your 40 minutes a night, Dikembe Mutombo. I'm sure that's just what the doctor ordered at the age of... well, however the hell old Dikembe Mutombo is. Someone should cut him open and count the rings.