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Forever Barry

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He's 43, kind of a dick and subject to a variety of ailments, including, if you believe the horse steroids charges, laminitis. But nonetheless, Barry Bonds is officially back in the fold with the San Francisco Giants, ready to tackle Mt. Aaron once again. Whew. We were on pins and needles.

Bonds' one-year, $15.8 million contract was made official Monday night, and one of the contract's provisions is that the left fielder can't have his entourage — notably his two personal trainers — anywhere at the ballpark, including the clubhouse, trainers' room, dugout or field.


Also, the Giants made sure to completely clean out Mark Sweeney's old locker.

So anyway, this should be fun. This most certainly will be Barry's final season; and as San Francisco Chronicle columnist Gwenn Knapp said, his final chance to rehabilitate his image. The best way to do that? If we're reading her column correctly, it's Dancing with the Stars.


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