Forget The Playoffs, All We Need Is Rajon Rondo Crushing NBA Old-Timers At Connect Four

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Rajon Rondo really likes Connect Four. He treats all those who dare challenge him to a game, including small children, with the same viciousness he exhibits on the court. He won’t even show mercy to an NBA Hall-of-Famer.

On Tuesday, someone at NBA TV had a fantastic idea. They put Rondo, Isiah Thomas, and Greg Anthony in a room together, handed them a Connect Four set, and started filming.

This video is nine minutes long, but I promise that you will enjoy every second of it. The best part is when Anthony, an initial non-participant, starts running his mouth about how he can see the angles Thomas doesn’t. You can see the contempt in Rondo’s eyes when he goes back two moves and challenges Anthony to take a shot.