Forgive Us For Overlooking The Brewers Fan Drinking Through A Horse Mask Last Night

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Some good baseball last night. Hell, even the Milwaukee/Pittsburgh game mattered a little, in the sense that the Brewers now have home field in their NLDS. Tipster Steven F. was there to see it. But, he got distracted in the process of doing so. To wit:

Attached is a photograph I took of a man (centaur?) sitting five or six rows down from me in the right field bleachers at Miller Park Wednesday night.

He mysteriously showed up in around the fifth or sixth inning, but I can't say for certain because nobody noticed his presence at first until suddenly he was there, almost mythologically.

He stuck to character well; I never heard him say a word, and any time he took a swig of beer he did so through the mouth of the mask.

Around the seventh inning, an usher appeared and attempted to remove either the man or his mask. He budged on neither request, until about an inning later another usher appeared and firmly demanded that he either remove the horse mask or leave the ball game.

Steadfastly, he rose from his seat and was escorted out, to an eruption of boos. According to the usher, post-9/11 security procedures forbid masks of any kind. He never once allowed them to remove it.

Advantage, terrorists.

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