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Former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville tweeted on Saturday that he’s running for one of Alabama’s seats in the U.S. Senate. As if that weren’t bizarre enough, CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd reports that noted gum-swallower, and former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer will be working for the campaign in some capacity. Less bizarre, however, is the fact that Tuberville will be running as a Republican and included #MAGA in his tweet.


This announcement comes about two years after Tuberville was exploring the possibility of running for governor of Alabama. Some believed that Tuberville—who once went on Sean Hannity’s TV show to question why President Barack Obama had not released his birth certificate to the public—believed he had a chance to at least make a splash with voters given that he had some experience campaigning in the form of trying to curry favor with AP voters in the press box. But that dream came to an end a couple months later when he ultimately decided not to run.

This time, however, he seems a bit more serious. Tuberville—who once said Lubbock, Tex. “looked like Iraq”—actually has a website for his campaign where the only thing you can do at the moment is sign up for a mailing list.

Look, I’m not happy about this decision either.

Should this campaign continue past the state’s Senate Republican primary on March 3, 2020, Tuberville would be up against Sen. Doug Jones as his primary challenger in November of that same year. That of course is a big “if,” but the primary is arguably the former college coach’s biggest hurdle. Tuberville—who left his job at Texas Tech for Cincinnati in the middle of a dinner with Red Raider recruits—would be running in a state whose voters were pretty damn close to electing a man who was credibly accused of sexually preying on teenage girls. If that wasn’t enough to convince Alabama voters that Roy Moore should not be anywhere near public office, I can’t imagine a scenario where those same voters would choose to support a Democrat over a relatively well-liked (in Alabama) former college coach—even if he did something like, say, smacking a staff member on television.


If nothing else, this campaign is guaranteed to become unbearable because Sean Spicer is going to be thrusted into the public eye again and probably will end up making up shit about Tuberville’s coaching record or something. I can already hear the voice of our big wet president’s former lackey arguing that Auburn’s 3-2 win over Mississippi State in 2008 was actually a good game if you go back and look at the tape.

As has been said on this site before, we live in hell so there’s a near guarantee that we’re just under a couple years away from a sitting U.S. Senator ending his swearing-in ceremony with “war damn eagle.”

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