Former Baylor AD Reportedly Asked For Immunity For Football Players Under Investigation

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Since turning down a $1.5 million settlement from Baylor, Patty Crawford has been on quite the media tour. She rejected the money because it would have prevented her from speaking publicly about what happened at Baylor over the past two years, and since she left the school less than a month ago, she’s already been on CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes Sports, and Outside The Lines.

ESPN posted a clip from her OTL interview this afternoon. Crawford sat down with Paula Lavigne, and also her lawyer Rogge Dunn, who at one point in the interview steps in to clarify a point on camera. The whole clip’s here:


Crawford says that Baylor officials were not naive that they had a sexual assault problem, but instead may have brought Crawford on as a scapegoat. She also says that at an emergency meeting on February 4 with former athletic director Ian McCaw, former VP Reagan Ramsower, and others, McCaw asked for “immunity for all football players that were still at the university.” Crawford says, “I looked around the room and everyone had their heads down. And I said no.”

For their part, Baylor denies the allegations.

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