Actually, Plaxico Burress got his speeding ticket back in early September, but it's easier to keep these things quiet when you're not actually an NFL player. Burress has a November court date for his ticket, which he garnered in Broward County, Fla. (He owns a home in Lighthouse Point.) According to Gossip Extra, Burress was pulled over for doing 50 mph over the 55 mph speed limit, and doing it on a motorcycle.

The ticket will cost him $1,000, which we assume he can cover, but who knows? He owes a whole bunch in back taxes, and had a lien placed on his house over the summer. Add that to a series of increasingly desperate pleas to NFL teams to give him a shot, and...well, if anyone wants to start an Indiegogo for Plax's traffic ticket, he probably wouldn't say no.