Former Michigan Linebacker Calls Out Police, University Over Investigation Into Threatening Tweets

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Photo: Kevin C. Cox (Getty Images)

Former Michigan linebacker Elysee Mbem-Bosse took “full responsibility” for a series of tweets he posted last week, in which he tagged Jim Harbaugh after posting about Michigan being open carry and someone being a “fucking [clown emoji].”


In a series of tweets posted over the weekend and Monday morning, Mbem-Bosse writes that he was kicked off the football team with no explanation and that he’s now having issues with the University of Michigan police department, which opened an investigation looking into his tweets as potential threats.

According to the Detroit News, the investigation is ongoing, though the police admitted there has been “no crime committed at this stage.” Michigan told Deadspin and other news outlets last week that Mbem-Bosse left the program in November; Mbem-Bosse contends he was suspended and that he hasn’t received any clarification regarding his removal—either way, his financial aid was cancelled ahead of the spring semester.

Mbem-Bosse posted a trio of audio recordings to his page Saturday and Monday morning. The first one, a 40-second clip, captures what appears to be a Michigan employee kicking Mbem-Bosse out of Schembechler Hall, the Wolverines’ football performance center, telling him, “you’re trespassing,” and “you’re not allowed in Schembechler Hall.”

The second is a 24-second clip in which he questions a medical professional about why they’re trying to get him to sign a form as a minor when he’s a legal adult.


The second audio file is just under a minute, and seems to document a conversation between Mbem-Bosse and a member of the UM police force, who was in the process of questioning him about last week’s tweets.


If you have any information on Mbem-Bosse’s case, or anything you think might be helpful to explain what seems to be a pretty messy situation, email us.