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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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A former Major League Baseball player went on TV today and admitted to using steroids. The reason our baseball media haven't collapsed onto the national fainting couch is either that Buster Olney is still down there, rolling around and making whimpering noises about Ryan Braun, or that the player in question is Robert Fick.


On Good Day L.A. this morning, Fick said he used steroids twice during his career in order to recover from shoulder injury. Fick, an agent now, was a utility guy for 10 seasons, finishing his career in 2007 with a .258/.328/.405 batting line and 69 home runs. You haven't exactly been robbed of your innocence today. But this is actually important. My guess is that the harder MLB bird-dogs the juicers, the more you'll see guys like Fick emerge, shrugging and saying, yeah, we did this shit, too—a reminder that steroids were a systemic issue involving all kinds of ballplayers, not just an evil indulgence of an elite class of bad apples.

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