Former NFL Scout Issues Truly Hamburger-Brained Antonio Brown Take

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Since the Steelers drafted Antonio Brown before the 2010 season, he’s averaged 93 receptions, 1,245 receiving yards, and more than eight touchdowns a season. He’s led the league in receptions twice; he’s led the league in yards twice; he’s made the Pro Bowl seven times; he’s been a first-team All-Pro four times. The Steelers have won better than 65 percent of their games over that span.


Prior to this season, Brown missed seven total regular season games over eight years as a pro. This, his ninth NFL season, has ended poorly, but on the whole the Steelers can be happy with that draft choice. That they got Brown with the 195th pick makes it, well, a touchdown.

Now, here, my friends, is a truly incredible take, from former NFL scout and current gravel brain Greg Gabriel:

So that’s why! NFL scouts knew all along there was no way Brown could make it nine full seasons into a Hall of Fame career before those “issues while he was in college” would rear their ugly head. Truly the teams that passed on him so that they could take Arrelious Benn and Mardy Gilyard and Marcus Easley knew exactly what they were doing.

Me too, Greg. Me too.

UPDATE: I received the following email from Greg, which unfortunately sheds no light whatsoever on how teams knew what they were doing when they passed on drafting a supremely talented and durable and productive player almost 200 times:

So I have a questioin [sic] for you. You had a lot of things to say about my tweet but you obviously didn’t understand it.

I spent 31+ years in the League, I know why players get drafted, don’t get drafted and drop. I stated why Antonio Brown dropped. I then stated that his actions over the weekend (quitting on his team) brought back memories of why he dropped in the Draft. All fact. If you had a problem with that why didn’t you contact me instead of writing some bullshit article?

No need, I know exactly what and who you are.

Greg Gabriel

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