Former NHL Ref Kerry Fraser: Mighty Ducks Onside For "Flying V"

Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser reviewed some of the more egregious moments from The Mighty Ducks and breaks down the clear penalties and even the moments that only a screenwriter could dream up, including the "Flying V." But don't worry, the Ducks were onside for the iconic...skating formation.

Upon further review the Mighty Ducks remained onside as the puck was advanced to Jessie Hall at the front of the Flying-V just prior to crossing their attacking blue line. The Flying-V moved up ice as Harry Hall of the Mighty Ducks carried the puck from a protected, safe and legal position at the back of the V. Just prior to gaining their attacking blue line, the puck was passed through the legs and onto the stick of the lead Duck in the V; #9 Jessie Hall.

After gaining possession of the puck, Jessie Hall advanced the puck across the leading edge of the blue line with his stick and then pulled up to protect the puck from defenders and to allow his wingers to attack the net. Once the puck crosses the leading edge of the blue line all attacking players are eligible to enter the zone and deemed to be on-side. It is also important to note that an attacking player's skates and not that of his stick are the determining factor in all instances in deciding an off-side as per rule 83.


(For the sticklers, the GIF shows the Ducks as they leave their own zone, so it doesn't matter where the puck is at that point. They just happen to look like a "Flying V" there.)

Fraser discusses several other plays, including the questionable hit that led to Fulton Reed's game-winning goal, the scumbaggery that left Adam Banks injured on the bench, and the Ducks' terrible uniform and equipment issues.

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