I'll take "Before & After" for $100,000 cash bond, Trebek.

What had happened to the little girl who stole the Evanston ice show as the character Strawberry Shortcake, the tween who dazzled audiences at the 1990 U.S. Olympic Festival, the teen who upset Michelle Kwan to win the 1995 U.S. Figure Skating title, the young woman who skated in the 1998 Olympics and would earn more than $500,000 a year to skate, the twentysomething who skated a seductive tango for Sean Penn and Jude Law in the 2006 film, "All the King's Men"? [Chicago Tribune]

That's just a pretty way of saying that Nicole Bobek got five-years probation in connection with a Jersey meth ring last summer after an illustrious career in skates, but now she's talking about what she's learned. Good read.

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