Former Penn State AD Timothy Curley Pleaded The Fifth To Nearly Every Question He Was Asked

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The last question that former Penn State Athletic Director Timothy Curley gave a real answer to in a June 2015 deposition regarding his alleged protection of Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky was, “Are you currently employed?” He responded, “No,” and then refused to answer whether or not he was the AD.


From there, he put on a world-historic Fifth Amendment clinic, pleading his right to remain silent in response to every single question, for 168 pages of interview transcripts. Here is a selected list of questions that Curley pleaded the fifth to:

  • “Is that your signature, sir?”
  • “Isn’t it true that the head football coach at Penn State, Joe Paterno, reported directly to you as Athletic Director?”
  • “You are Timothy Mark Curley, are you not?”
  • “This is a preliminary hearing involving criminal charges against yourself, is that accurate?”
  • “You are Tim Curley, are you not?”
  • “Was that testimony accurate when you gave it, sir?”
  • “Your email address was, was it not?”
  • “Is this your handwriting, Mr. Curley?”
  • “Is ‘Joe’ Joe Paterno, sir?”
  • “Are you the defendant identified in this document, sir?”
  • “Penn State is located in Centre County, correct?”