Former Penn State Police Chief Testifies That PSU Administrator Never Told Him About 2002 Sandusky Shower Incident

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One of the big questions in the Jerry Sandusky case is what the cops knew and when. The "cops" would be the Penn State University police. Those are the cops who investigated Sandusky in 1998 for alleged sexual misconduct. Nothing happened with that case because the district attorney at the time declined to file charges.

But after then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary spotted Sandusky in 2002 allegedly raping a boy in the shower, he reported the incident to Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, two high-ranking PSU officials who have since been charged with perjury and failure to report abuse and are now sitting in a Harrisburg courtroom in the middle of their preliminary hearing.

Schultz (pictured above), the school's former senior vice president for business and finance, oversaw the PSU police in 2002. Yet he neglected to mention the incident to the cops, according to the former chief of police, Thomas Harmon, who just took the stand to testify:

Thomas Harmon says university vice president Gary Schultz knew of a 1998 allegation that Jerry Sandusky had showered with a boy. But Harmon says Schultz didn't come to him with the 2002 report from Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary.


I'm no expert, but having Johnny Law testify under oath that his former boss ignored a possible incident of child rape, is probably not so good for the defense.