Crossing Broad brings us another highlight to add to the already lengthy reel of sports broadcasters talking about bulging dicks.

In this case, it's Roy Oswalt's bulging disc, explained by former Phillies fireman Ricky Bottalico. Bottalico saved 78 games over two stints with Philadelphia, from 1994-98 and again from 2001-02, and did all that despite being Ricky Bottalico, by the way, which is something. He earned his Baseball-Reference comparables of Heathcliff Slocumb, Mike Fetters, Mark Wohlers, and Mel Rojas. It ain't easy being in the company of luminaries like that.


Anyway, we applaud Bottalico for acknowledging his error and laughing it off. They might not do that within the ESPN family of companies, we're told.

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Video: Ricky Bottalico Discusses the "Bulging Dick" in Roy Oswalt's Back [Crossing Broad]